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Rakthashali Rice 500gm - 5 kg Bag

Rakthashali Rice 500gm - 5 kg Bag

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Rakthashali Rice

that can prevent cancer cells

"Rakta Shali" is a rice seed that is said to have been cultivated by the tribal groups of Wayanad for the dynasties of Kerala.
"Rakta Shali" is a rice seed that is said to have been cultivated by the tribal groups of Wayanad for the dynasties of Kerala.

Paddy and rice are red in color. Along with its flavor,Rakthashali Rice has many medicinal properties. Regular consumption of this rice is also said to preserve youth.
The bioactive compounds in blood rice have the ability to regenerate damaged cells and fight cancer.

This rice which is not available in the general market is completely used as Ayurvedic medicine. This rice has a good taste. It also digests quickly.

 Bag Size : 5kg 

 Extra Note

Rakthashali Rice, also known as Red Rice or Kerala Red Rice, is a unique and nutritious variety of rice that has gained popularity for its health benefits and distinct flavor. Originating from the southern Indian state of Kerala, Rakthashali Rice is characterized by its reddish-brown color, earthy aroma, and slightly nutty taste. This heirloom rice is renowned for its high fiber content, essential minerals, and antioxidants, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a healthier alternative to polished white rice. Its unique properties have been linked to various health advantages, including improved digestion, better heart health, and enhanced blood sugar control. Additionally, Rakthashali Rice has cultural significance and is often used in traditional Indian cuisine, particularly in dishes like biryanis, pulaos, and desserts.

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Wayanad Red Rice

Wayanad Rice Year Plan

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Wayanad Red Rice 3+3 Year Free

Locally known as Wayanad Matta, Thondi, Palakkadan Matta, and Kerala Red Rice, the red rice variety represents the staple food and flavor of Kerala. Red rice is one of its healthiest, and its quality varies regionally. Rice from Wayanad is ahead in quality, but production is low, while Palakkadan Matta has high production.

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