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Village Amla

Village Amla

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What is Amla?

Amla, which can also be called Indian gooseberry, is a highly nutritious fruit found in India, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and other parts of southeast Asia. Also called emblica officinalis, phyllanthus emblica, or amalaki, amla is also an incredibly potent natural medicine, prominently featured in Ayurvedic medicine. 

Amla has been used in India for millennia, but only recently gained momentum in the international scientific community. However, even in a comparatively short time frame, scientists have confirmed a number of powerful medicinal uses for amla.

Amla Nutrition Facts
Per 100g portion, powdered amla typically contains:

322 calories
1.2 g of protein
1g fat
63.6g of carbohydrates
26.8g of fiber

What are the Health Benefits of Amla?
Apart from their nutrition value, amla berries have been linked to a number of significant health benefits, including lower blood glucose, reduced LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve thyroid health, and assistance in weight loss. 

Amla berries have also been shown to reduce inflammation, fight infections, reduce the spread of cancer, boost your immune system and liver function, combat neurodegenerative disorders, and even support hair growth. We’ll touch on each of these areas below.

Product Name                 Village Amla Indian
Weight                             1000 gm pack
Producers                        FPO / Direct Farmers
Preservative                    Nil / Fresh
Country of origin            India
Quality                             Fine
Brand                               Nil


shipping Time                 1-6 week


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