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Mango (Bangarapally)

Mango (Bangarapally)

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Our Mango (Bangarapally) is carefully hand-selected for optimum ripeness, delivering a juicy sweetness and rich flavour unmatched by any other mango variety. Grown in the nutrient-rich soils of India, the Bangarapally mango is highly aromatic and provides an unbeatable, rich texture. Perfect for creating a range of delicious desserts or used in a variety of savoury dishes.

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Wayanad Red Rice

Wayanad Rice Year Plan

Great Reasons

Wayanad Red Rice 3+3 Year Free

Locally known as Wayanad Matta, Thondi, Palakkadan Matta, and Kerala Red Rice, the red rice variety represents the staple food and flavor of Kerala. Red rice is one of its healthiest, and its quality varies regionally. Rice from Wayanad is ahead in quality, but production is low, while Palakkadan Matta has high production.

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