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Oushadha kanji kit ( 500g)

Oushadha kanji kit ( 500g)

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  • Brand : Bayalnadu
  • Oushadha kanji kit ( 500g)


  • This pack is meant for 7 days. Use 1/7th of the medicines and rice from each packet every day
  • Boil “Pachamarunnu choornam” (with green label) in one liter of water and collect the filtrate.
  • Boil Njavara rice (with red label) & “Ashali-Uluva” (with blue label) in this prepared decoction.
  • Mix “podimarunnu” (with black label) in half glass of coconut milk and add to this porridge.
  • Onion fried in ghee can be added for flavoring. Use this warm medicated porridge, 7 days for dinner.
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