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waywin Producer Co . Ltd

waywin Immune coffee pro - 200 gm Pack

waywin Immune coffee pro - 200 gm Pack

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waywin Immune coffee-Pro - 200 gm Pack 

The power of immunity

Proper Spicy Immune Coffee Mix Developed From Wayanadan Coffee
Can be used up to three times a day
It is best to mix it with milk
Good for kids and adults
No side effects

Non-toxic coffee beans collected from Wayanad, Coorg, and Nilgiris

"waywim  Immune Coffee" The power of immunity

The fastest-growing coffee brand in India 


Immune coffee-Sample Pack       

  • Type: Immune Coffee
  • Blend: Waynad Robusta
  • Chicory : No ( 0%)
  • Ingredients : Coffee powder, Ashwagandha, Long pepper, Black cumin, Dry ginger, Black pepper, Coriander etc.
  • Origin: Wayanad, South India
  • Mfg | Packed by: Organica Farm Producer Self Group and waywin Producer Company Limited 

    News : Kerala's Wayanad farmers brew an Immune Coffee



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