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waywin Producer Co . Ltd

waywin Immune coffee pro - 100 gm Pack

waywin Immune coffee pro - 100 gm Pack

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WAYWIN IMMUNE COFFEE PRO-100 GM PACK. Our special blend of ingredients contains functional mushrooms and natural herbs that help to promote healthy immunity. Our unique blend is also rich in antioxidants that help combat free radicals, protecting the body from oxidative stress. Enjoy your way to a healthy life.

waywin Immune coffee-Pro - 100 gm Pack 

The power of immunity

Proper Spicy Immune Coffee Mix Developed From Wayanadan Coffee
Can be used up to three times a day
It is best to mix it with milk
Good for kids and adults
No side effects

Non-toxic coffee beans collected from Wayanad, Coorg, and Nilgiris

"waywim  Immune Coffee" The power of immunity

The fastest-growing coffee brand in India 


Immune coffee-Sample Pack       

  • Type: Immune Coffee
  • Blend: Waynad Robusta
  • Chicory : No ( 0%)
  • Ingredients : Coffee powder, Ashwagandha, Long pepper, Black cumin, Dry ginger, Black pepper, Coriander etc.
  • Origin: Wayanad, South India
  • Mfg | Packed by: Organica Farm Producer Self Group and waywin Producer Company Limited 

    News : Kerala's Wayanad farmers brew an Immune Coffee



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